If you are on the path of self- improvement, understand that you will have haters. Now, to understand haters and how to deal with them, it is important to understand why people become haters. There are many reasons, however, I believe the most basic reason that people become haters is fear. Haters fear your growth. They don’t want you to succeed or improve yourself.


Why? Simply because everyone is competing. Whether the competition is for basic survival, sexual partners, or social status; some people will become so fearful of the competition you present that they will try to drain your energy, project negative energy into your life, or attempt to sabotage your success.

The ability to change, especially for the better, is an indicator of adaptability. The ability to adapt increases an organism’s chances of survival (success). Haters live in a scarcity mentality and because of this haters feel challenged by those who are actively improving themselves.  Haters believe their chances of success decrease when they see others increasing their own chances of success because haters do not believe in the abundance of the universe.


Don’t allow haters to drain your energy! So how are haters energy vampires? Well, the most common tactic energy vampires use is getting you to react. Haters do this by spreading lies and gossip or by insulting you, and even by feigning friendship in order to attempt to redirect where your energy flows (hopefully towards them). Remember: Where your attention goes, energy flows. If a hater can create a reaction in you, then they can temporarily redirect your energy flow away from your goals and towards them. This is how haters drain your energy in attempt to destroy or neutralize the threat they believe you present.


The best way to combat haters is to not engage them at all. Don’t spend any time thinking about your enemies and don’t give a shit about what they say or think. You have a purpose, you have goals, focus on those and don’t fall for their energy traps. If anything, be grateful to your haters. Having haters is a great indicator of being on the right track, use their energy to fuel your motivation instead of reacting to the negative energy they emit.

Never react, respond. If you are to encounter a hater without being able to avoid them, of if you are to be informed of what haters are saying about you, then respond with humor by either amplifying or agreeing. Being able to make fun of yourself and defuse the situation will show others that you possess confidence and self- control. Blowing off the hate shows that you don’t take your haters seriously and that maybe others shouldn’t either. Successfully displaying this inner fortitude will bring others into your frame (your perception of reality) because you proved your frame the stronger by not accepting the haters frame.

The final strategy for combating haters is by embracing the Virtue of Silence (See: ON THE VIRTUE OF SILENCE ). Keep your plans and other information to yourself, and if you do choose to disclose personal information, never say more then you need to. Knowledge is power, so keep what information you disclose to the minimum amount necessary.


If you find yourself being a hater, ask yourself, why? Search yourself and give a honest answer, even if it hurts. There is a lesson to learn about yourself if you are willing to look.



  1. Thank you for this! I am currently in this season of growth and self-improvement and I am constantly being side-eyed by those who are supposed to be there for me. It has been a journey but I am learning and flourishing success!


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