Hey y’all! It’s November 9th, and that means the first week of NFAN is officially over! I have to say that I did not expect to learn as much as I did in the first week alone, and I feel great! I’m going to share some of the lessons I learned with you and hopefully inspire some readers to take on the NFAN challenge as well!


I had to deal with stress immediately, and it wasn’t so bad. We all have to deal with stress from work, relationships, personal issues, social pressures, etc, and sometimes its easy to put off dealing with all that stress and instead veg out on some Netflix and drink a beer or have a smoke. The second day of NFAN I had an extremely stressful workday; I was tired and sore, and on top of all of that I was dealing with the stress of money issue with a friend which I thought could permanently damage our friendship.

I found myself without my usual escapes and distractions and I felt a bit overwhelmed. I voiced my stresses to my girlfriend and she helped me see that it was all okay and that I was over-thinking. I voiced my concern to my friend and he received what I said much better than I had expected, in fact, I believe that in doing so, our friendship was strengthened. I went straight to bed that night instead of staying up and watching Netflix like I usually would, and I woke up the next morning rejuvenated.

It wasn’t so bad having to deal with my stress then and there, in fact, by tackling my problems immediately my stress was also relieved immediately and I experienced greater inner peace.


No distractions = High Productivity. This is a pretty self-evident lesson and is something we all know, however, I hadn’t experienced the full gravity of that equation until I had eliminated all of my distractions and recorded all of my progress. During the first week on NFAN I read nearly 200 pages of a book, I trained/ exercised for a total of nearly 9 hours during the entire week, and I even wrote 6 pages in my journal and 2 posts here on Spiritual Warrior-Scholar.

Sure, there are probably people out there doing a whole lot more than that, but it was a lot of progress for me and that is what’s important. This first week alone has really opened my eyes to what I am capable of accomplishing when I am at my best and it only inspires me to keep going.


Better self-image and stronger willpower. Now that I’m no longer doing things that go against my virtues and thus strengthening them, I feel 10x better about myself and I feel my willpower growing stronger. I am experiencing greater inner peace as I am no longer creating inner turbulence by indulging in my vices.

My self-image and body-image have both improved because I am not hurting my body with any form of drugs/alcohol or eating junk food. Exercising and training more have also boosted a positive self-image and I feel my inner power growing.

Before NFAN I was still training and exercising often but every time I indulged in a vice, it was if that step I took forward went straight back to the start. I can feel my forward momentum growing and I don’t want it to stop.


I was lying to myself. I always knew that my higher self would never smoke or drink, watch Netflix or eat junk food, but I did anyway. I thought I could still move forward because I was doing most of the things that I was supposed to do and I’m only human so I deserve to live a little, right? WRONG!

When I was indulging in my vices my mind was clouded and I was restless inside my heart. Now that I’ve been on the straight and narrow path for only a week I think clearer and I feel more energetic and alive. I can only imagine how I’ll feel at the end of the month if I’ve seen so much improvement in just the first week. You can’t be moving forward while taking steps back. It’s simple math that I knew but I had to fully commit to my self-improvement to completely innerstand that simple concept.

I hope the lessons I’ve learned inspire my readers to challenge themselves and take a step on the true path to self-improvement if you’re not already on that journey. If you don’t know what NFAN is, I put a link down below to read the article.


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