No Fucking Around November has come to an end, but the spirit of that personal challenge will live on. I’ve learned much about myself and what I am capable of accomplishing, and I want to keep pushing forward.


I experienced the lows of failures as well as the highs of success during NFAN, and I’ve come to the conclusion that although a monthly challenge is a good start, that radically changing your life is a lifelong process. I did make significant changes to my life during the month of NFAN, but the changes I made are only permanent if I continue to uphold the same standards of living that I set during NFAN for the rest of my life. (Sounds intense, huh?)

If I went back to smoking weed or watching Netflix every night, then I made no change; I just took a break from my old detrimental ways. A personal challenge like NFAN is great for breaking habits, but all that hard work is for not if you just go back to your old ways when the challenge is over.


Pleasure-seeking is for losers. Pleasure-delaying is for winners. NFAN was all about quitting those things which I enjoyed but knew were ultimately unbeneficial to my growth. By doing just that, I was given the opportunity to see myself and my peers from a different perspective.

Many of the people around me, I realized, are slaves to their own pleasure-seeking tendencies, and I was too. Most people are tossed and turned by their emotions and desires and often those desires come in the shape of the easiest forms of pleasure which are most often the pleasures which come at the expense of one’s health.

As I restricted my actions concerning pleasure-seeking, although it was initially painful, my life was better. I accomplished more and eventually, I began feeling healthier overall. Because I delayed experiencing pleasure in an easy way by smoking weed, for example, I eventually experienced pleasure from the peace of mind that I gained from being disciplined and accomplishing my goals and not smoking.


You have to think long-term. Would you sacrifice long-term pleasure for short-term pleasure? Most would say no. However, their actions say otherwise. Most people don’t think further beyond the current day when it comes to happiness. Most people want happiness now because they can’t see beyond now or think about the consequences of their actions in the present and the effect those actions will have on their future happiness.

Help your future self out. Be your future self’s best friend and always do your best to make your future self’s life easier and happier. The Zen principle of mujo teaches us the everything is temporary.

Your health is temporary. Your youth is temporary. You are temporary. Do you want to be the person who uses mujo as an excuse to live a fast life and through their own actions shortens their life through unhealthy living, or do you want to be the person who knows that their life is temporary and does the best they can do to prolong it? Remember that no one is outside of the domain of the Principle of Cause and Effect. 

If you are interested in learning how to master your desires, check out Theron Q. Dumont’s Rules for the Mastery of Desire.




The fourth and final rule for the Mastery of Desire will be published soon!

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