Sometimes we get in those moods. We’re tired and uninspired, and we just don’t want to do it anymore. When it comes to times like this, I always tell people to use imagination over motivation. Let me give you an example.

Just the other day I was playing some drinking games with my friends. It was a two on two kind of game and naturally, there was banter and good-natured shit-talking as there is in all groups of good male friends.

My partner and I were poking fun at our opponents, telling them that if we were a tribe, that they would be gatherers of the tribe and that our team would be hunters. Not that there’s anything wrong with gathering, but all men want to be a hunter.

Our team lost a round and so we had to drink, and my partner was losing motivation to keep going. I turned to him and said,” you can do it dude. You’re a hunter.”

The funniest thing happened. His eyes lit up and he said,” you’re right. I’m a hunter.” He chugged his beer and came back to the game with a new energy. I couldn’t help but laugh and admire the wonderful tool that mental imagery is.

All my friend had to do to find motivation was to imagine himself as a hunter. It’s a mysterious thing, how we can find power within ourselves by imagining ourselves as someone who is powerful.

Often times when I find myself wanting to give up, I will tell myself you are a warrior. I imagine myself as a warrior and in a way, tap into the spirit of that warrior, and I’m ready to keep going.

So when you’re feeling unmotivated, try using mental imagery in a positive way to refuel that flame. Imagine yourself as the warrior, or as the hunter or even as a power animal like the tiger or gorilla.

Creating a strong mental image can revive your physical energy in a strange way that I don’t fully understand, but I’m sure we have all experienced this phenomenon in some way.

I once read the words of a man who claimed to imagine himself as the stag, with antlers protruding, whenever he felt that he was lacking of confidence. This method was of great benefit to him, and he would once again pick his head up and throw his shoulders back and find that his confidence was renewed.

The cover picture is of a painting I did recently of Master Frog vs Warlord Snake. Master Frog is a warrior who faces evil with an unwavering heart and unshakable spirit. Be like Master Frog. Be a warrior or a hunter. Be the mighty tiger or proud stag. All it takes is a little imagination to get you there.

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